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What to See in Rome for 4 Days

The itinerary called “Rome in 4 days” will allow you to learn a lot about the history and current state of affairs in the capital of Italy. In the process of studying will be considered not only the ruins inherited from ancient civilizations, but also the complexes that form the modern look of Rome, including the EUR quarter.

This article is for those who plan to stay in the city for only 4 days, but want to immerse themselves in the great Italian culture.

Day 1 of 4 Days in Rome

So, day one. When exploring Rome in 4 days, make sure to see the first day:

  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Capitoline Square
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona
  • Trevi Fountain;
  • Piazza España

The starting point of a 4-day trip around Rome is the Colosseum, which needs no introduction. To avoid wasting time waiting in line for tickets, you can buy a Roma Pass in time. We advise you to buy a separate ticket to the Colosseum here.

The reserve of 4 days should not stupefy travelers with thoughts of trouble-free passage to all the iconic places.

1. Very close to the site, on the right hand side, is the Arch of Constantine. In the same area of Rome, it is easy to find the Palatine, the central hill of the city.

2. While walking along via dei Fori Imperiali, you can reach the Roman Forum. It is one of the most significant monuments of the city. Favor, in 4 days of stay in Rome manages to see a lot of other status sights.

3. After the street and Venetian Square are passed, the tourist exploring the city for 4 days will get to the Capitoline Square. The seat of Rome’s authorities has been based here for centuries. The great Michelangelo was involved in the design of the square.

4. From it, you should exit to the Capitoline Museums. Rome, explored in just 4 days, includes the oldest museum complex on the planet.

5. The road along via del Corso leads to the Pantheon. Even one-day itineraries in Rome must include this attraction. What to speak of when you have to explore the best places in Rome in 4 days. The temple impresses with its grandiose scale and curious history of appearance.

6. Next to the Pantheon (when heading towards the Tiber), the Piazza Navona is noticeable. Its Baroque style makes it one of the most beautiful in Rome. Lorenzo Bernini, who designed the Fountain of the Four Rivers, made a great contribution to its appearance. The churches located here complete the overall picture. Piazza Navona is an important point on the 4-day itinerary.

7. When returning to via del Corso, it is easy to spot the Trevi Fountain and Piazza della España, landmarks featured on the covers of many brochures about Rome. The appearance of the Fontana di Trevi in front of your eyes will be one of the pleasant surprises when exploring the city in 4 days. The surprise effect is due to the special layout of Rome’s streets in this area: it is impossible to see it from the nearest streets, and the only sign of the right direction is the sound of the water.

8. Piazza España is located in the historical center of Rome. Near it are other sites important for the history of the Eternal City. The real treasure of this place is recognized as the staircase, built in 1700.

Trevi Fountain/Fontana di Trevi


Alas, even 4 days is not enough time to familiarize yourself with all the embellishments of Italy’s capital.

From the Vatican to Trastevere

What sites are planned to visit on the second day:

  • Vatican City
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Trastevere

Completion of the first half of the tour

It is recommended to start the second day with a trip to the Vatican, whose main architectural treasure is St. Peter’s Basilica. It is located at the beginning of via della Conciliazione. If you buy tickets online, you can walk around the Sistine Chapel and visit the museums located on the territory of the Vatican.

When exploring the Eternal City in 4 days, it is not superfluous to read information about the sights and admire photos in advance. In the case of the largest Christian church in the world, there is a rule that says that no picture will convey even half of the true grandeur of the object.

The Vatican Museums are one of the key points of the tour in 4 days.

Buy tickets to visit the Vatican Museums in advance. You can do so online via the link on the official ticket platform.

You can walk along via della Conciliazione to Hadrian’s Mausoleum.

The Castel Sant’Angelo was built in Rome during the Middle Ages. It was based on the surviving elements of the tomb of Emperor Hadrian.

The first half of the 4-day city tour ends in Trastevere.

The walks here are unforgettable: lots of flowers, small squares, where the real spirit of Rome reigns. To relax, it is worth stopping by one of the restaurants. Rest in Rome in four days implies relaxation and analysis of everything you have seen.

PRO TIP: If you are planning to visit the Colosseum and other attractions in Rome, consider the Rome City Pass tourist card to save time and money. The card includes no-frills tickets to Rome’s major attractions, airport transfers, a tour bus ride, and discounts to many of Rome’s museums and other attractions. More information here.

Day 2 of 4 Days in Rome: Ostia Excavations – Montemartini Power Station

Which sites are planned to be visited on the third day:

  • Excavations of Ancient Ostia
  • EUR quarter
  • Montemartini power station

Due to the fact that the itinerary of Rome in 4 days is considered, travelers have the option to leave the historic center of the Eternal City and head towards Ostia. The best option to do away with the image of Rome of the past and find out what the capital of Italy is living at the moment, following the tour plan for 4 days.

When leaving the ruins of Ostia, it is recommended to exit in front of the Porta San Paolo gate. In this area there is the EUR quarter, which in many respects forms the modern shape of Rome. During the tour in 4 days the traveler will learn not only about the great past, but also about the worthy present of the city.

When traveling to Ostiense, you can take a look at the Montemartini power plant. Rome in 4 days confirms the harmony of the past and the future through the example of this site.

Galleria Borghese – Appian Way

What sites are planned to visit:

  • Borghese Gallery
  • Catacombs
  • Appian Way

A 4-day Rome sightseeing tour concludes with a visit to the parks of Italy’s capital. In the morning it is necessary to look at the Borghese Gallery, which is located on the territory of the villa with the same name.

The Borghese Gallery houses masterpieces of Renaissance masters.

Where in Rome in four days without high art?

Don’t forget to book a ticket to visit the gallery in advance. It is better to do it on the official website.

In the afternoon it is best to go to the catacombs of the Appian Way. Probably the most shocking sight in 4 days due to the presence of Christian cemeteries underground. According to the ancient orders of Rome, the place for the graves should be chosen so as not to occupy part of the residential area.

Appia Antica


The walk in Rome in four days ends with a promenade along the slabs of the road mentioned earlier. Returning to medieval Rome is a great way to imagine yourself at the center of the history of Italy’s capital. In four days there is a chance to discover its true essence.

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