Caesar’s Forum in Rome – Facts, Tips & How to Get There

Caesar’s Forum in Rome is a construction that arouses genuine interest of tourists. Forums in Rome appeared because of the desire of emperors to remain in the memory of descendants majestic buildings. In Rome there were 5 forums, each of which symbolized the power and authority of the emperor. The Foro di Cesare was the first among the forums in terms of importance and time of creation.

Table of Contents:

1. History of the Forum
2. How to Get to Caesar’s Roman Forum
3. What to See
4. How to Get into the Caesar’s Forum in Rome
5. Interesting Facts about Foro di Cesare
6. Caesar’s Forum in Rome on the Map

Caesar’s Forum is sometimes called Forum Iulium after the emperor’s name.

Now only ruins of Caesar’s forum can be seen, but several grandiose columns and the remains of an ancient sanctuary have been preserved. This place will give you an incredible sense of the historical era associated with the great Caesar (more about Caesar’s temple at the link).

History of the Forum

Caesar’s Forum in Rome was erected on the central square of Rome, once there was already a Roman Forum on this place, but Caesar decided to make it named after him. The emperor ordered to purchase land for construction and begin work, which eventually lasted about 8 years.

An interesting fact is that a popular Roman figure, Marcus Tullius Cicero, was involved in the selection and purchase of a plot of land for Caesar’s forum.

Caesar’s Forum in Rome was erected two years before his death, but after the death of the emperor began to deteriorate, was forgotten and abandoned. The Caesar’s Forum in Rome was revived by Emperor Trajan, who reopened the pompous structure.

However, the Forum was soon forgotten again. The rebirth of the monument in 283 after a massive fire destroyed a large part of the city. a huge part of the city, this Roman landmark was rebuilt for a third time. Diocletian’s decree, this Roman landmark was rebuilt for the third time.

We advise you to buy tickets for the forum in advance at the link.

How to Get to Caesar’s Roman Forum

Stick to the following plan.

Foro di Cesare is located in the Campitelli district, which is the historic center of the city, with the Colosseum and Pantheon nearby. It is located at : Via dei Fori Imperiali, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.

There are several ways to get to the historical monument from Termini Station:

  1. The bus route 75 will take you to the stop for Cavour/Ricci, after which you will have to walk 350 meters to the end point. Caesar’s Forum: the walking plan from the bus stop will take you along Via Cavour towards Vicolo delle Carrette, then along Largo Corrado Ricci. Follow the direction, after turning left, take Largo Corrado Ricci. Turn right onto Via dei Fori Imperiali. You are there.
  2. If you choose the metro to get to the attraction, you will need the blue B line, Colosseo station. You will then walk 650 meters. Go northwest and turn left at Largo Gaetana Agnesi. After that you will need to take Via del Colosseo and continue on Via del Colosseo. Turning left will take you to Via Frangipane, then take Via del Tempio della Pace, then turn onto Via dei Fori Imperiali. You will find yourself next to Caesar’s Forum.
  3. If your plans only include walking, this route to Caesar’s Forum will come in handy. Walk through Via Cavour for about 1.8 kilometers. Keep heading southwest on Piazza dei Cinquecento (120 meters), then turn right onto Via Giovanni Giolitti, continuing for 55 meters. The left turn will take you to Via Cavour, you will have to walk for 1.3 kilometers. Turn left again and continue along Largo Corrado Ricci for another 50 meters. Turn right onto Via dei Fori Imperiali, a distance of 200 meters. Foro di Cesare is in front of you.

What to See

At Caesar’s Forum, plan a mandatory tour of the archaeological area. It covers an area of about 170×75 meters. However, these remains are worth seeing. Caesar’s Forum in Rome is also worth evaluating in general terms:

  1. Three columns will lead you to the central part of the forum. The ruins of the temple of Venus the Progenitor, the central building for important receptions and the issuing of decrees, have been preserved here. In the past, it was here that a huge gilded statue of the goddess and the emperor was kept, as well as an image of Cleopatra, Caesar’s favorite woman. Three columns and there are the remains of this place.
  2. Also the forum included the Silver Basilica and numerous shops of craftsmen and merchants, which appeared already during the reign of Hadrian. To the great regret of Caesar’s time buildings have not survived. This is because they were made of wood, not stone. The Silver Basilica was once not a religious site at all. It was needed to make various financial transactions, for example, to exchange money.
  3. To this day, excavations are still being conducted on the territory of Caesar’s Forum, and details of the ancient Roman era are still being discovered. Some of the artifacts found are available for inspection. Innovations, such as a bronze statue representing Caesar, are appearing on the Forum grounds. It is a copy of an ancient sculpture that gives an accurate representation of what Julius Caesar looked like.

How to Get into Caesar’s Forum in Rome

Tickets for Foro di Cesare are available both online and at the box office. You can come to the forum from 08:30 to 19:00.

Its schedule depends on the time of year, with the latest tours taking place in the summer.

To visit the attraction, you will need to buy tickets to Caesar’s Forum. By the way, unified for the entire archaeological zone Fori Imperiali (includes 5 imperial forums). You can enter near Trajan’s Column.

Excursions to the forum can be varied. There are regular and combined tickets for visiting this attraction, which allow you to inspect the structures independently.

There is an option to purchase a ticket for Foro di Cesare from TICKETBAR with a 40 minute tour. The price includes an audio guide in 8 languages (including Russian and English). You can visit such a tour every 20 minutes in the evening from 20:00.

You can purchase your ticket via a link on the official ticketing platform.

A ticket to Caesar’s forum would cost:

  • 16€ for an adult
  • Children and young people (up to 26 years old) – 11€.

You will be told much more about the history of this place by a guide on a group tour.

Interesting Facts about Foro di Cesare

The Temple of Venus was built by Caesar in 48 B.C. This was after defeating the outnumbered and outgunned forces of Pompey. Caesar promised that after winning this previously hopeless battle, he would erect luxurious halls in honor of the goddess.

Emperor Trajan not only reconstructed the Forum Iulium many years after his death, but also held his inauguration here. This is how Trajan’s Column came to be in this place.

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You don’t have to buy tickets to admire this attraction.

The Capitol offers a magnificent view of Caesar’s forum.

Although the forum is small in size, you will retain a piece of ancient Roman history in your memory thanks to it. Without this attraction, a walk through the historical center will not be complete. After all, the forum in Rome is a harmonious part of the buildings of the great emperors:

Also nearby is Capitoline Square and the famous Capitoline Museums, the monument to Victor Emmanuel II, Palazzo Venezia and a host of other interesting places.

Caesar’s Forum in Rome on the Map

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